Best Upcoming Theme Cruises

  1. Scientific cruises

Every year, the French Popular Science&Life magazine Sciences & Vie organizes cruises that allow you to discover the most beautiful countries in the world while indulging your curiosity for science. Cruise passengers have the opportunity to participate in scientific conferences presented by renowned personalities and journalists of the magazine.

  1. Disney Cruises

If you have children, the Disney cruises will ensure you an unforgettable family holiday. On board such a cruise, both children and adults will know how to have fun. For the first group, several exclusive zones are dedicated to them, musical comedies faithful to the universe are presented, mascots are found here and there and many activities are organized. Adults, on the other hand, can enjoy exclusive pools, romantic restaurants, night clubs and exclusive theme areas. To live the magic of Disney as a family!

  1. Cruises golf

For travelers who are unable to get rid of their irons, you can board a cruise that will take you to the most beautiful golf courses in the world, in order to perfect your technique. While you are visiting or enjoying the sun, the staff will book departure times, carts and transportation to the golf club. And back on the boat, you can enjoy state-of-the-art computers that will allow you to improve your game. This Is What Club Med offers with its golf cruises, on board Club Med 2.

  1. Northern Lights cruises

The Evaneos travel agency offers travellers who are not afraid to go hunting for the Northern Lights in Norway. From Tromsø to Kirkenes via the North Cape, the cruise offers a stay beyond the Polar Circle, a privileged place for the observation of the unique natural phenomenon. It is on board the mythical coastal Express that cruise passengers can immerse themselves in the Norwegian panorama, in addition to participating in many outdoor activities.

  1. Party cruises

If you want to dance all night long, let the alcohol flow and the music never stops, discover the party cruise, cruises exclusively reserved for the party and the excesses. The Groove Cruise is an excellent example : cruises to Miami or to Cabo San Lucas that offer to dance continuously for 72, 96 or 120 hours (3, 4, or 5 days) under the sound thundering of the greatest electronic music.

  1. Cruises around the world

For the insatiable, it is always possible to discover the whole world on board a ship, thanks to the “around the world” option offered by some shipowners. Costa is one of the companies that propose this adventure. It offers to sail the Seven Seas, to travel the five continents and to admire the wonders of the planet, during 100 days spent on the water.

  1. Musical theme cruises

Do you have a musical ear and your feet are dimpled? Discover cruises designed to be true Floating festivals! You can spend good moments with your favorite artists who will perform in concert while you browse. Norwegian Cruise Line offers a wide selection of cruises to theme music in genres as varied as classic rock, country music and modern pop. They include Kiss Kruise, Melissa Etheridge cruise, Kasha’s and Rock Boat.

  1. Gastronomic cruises

We are all familiar with the classic gourmet cruises that offer top-of-the-range dishes, but Celebrity Cruises offers a unique experience to its cruise passengers : to attend, live, the show “Top Chef”! Sailing through the Caribbean, the cruise allows passengers to see the cooks in the race face each other, in addition to meeting them and participating in special events and cooking classes.