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Right of Way Acquisition

Right of Way acquisition is anticipated to be completed prior to construction.  KDOT is currently working through the right of way process with identified property owners along the corridor.

Utility Coordination

KDOT and HNTB are working with utility companies to pinpoint existing utility locations as well as any utility relocation issues. The majority of utility relocation will be coordinated by the design-build team.


Key state and federal permit applications will be submitted before starting construction. Following selection, the design-build team will be responsible for any additional permits required.

Environmental Documentation

Thanks to the Project’s minimal impact on natural and man-made areas, and because the Project mainly affects the existing right of way, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has determined that it qualifies for a documented Categorical Exclusion (CE) to record its impact on the environment and the surrounding community. The CE, part of the National Environmental Policy Act, has been approved by FHWA.

Break-In-Access (BIA)

To show that the Interchange improvements will have zero negative impact on the interstate system, FHWA requires an adjustment to the BIA be submitted and approved. This was completed in December 2012.

Mine Remediation

There are underground mined areas near the K-10 and Renner Boulevard Interchange. The mined areas beneath the proposed highway improvements are anticipated to be stabilized and filled before construction begins.

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