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Major Traffic Switch: Eastbound K-10 & Southbound I-435 to I-35/Lackman Road


October 16, 2015
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Eastbound K-10 & Southbound I-435 to I-35/Lackman Road MAJOR TRAFFIC SWITCH Set for Friday, October 23

Your commute is about to change. You will need to pay extra attention as your exits have moved.

Eastbound K-10 and southbound I-435 traffic, your access to I-35 and Lackman Road is now changing. The NEW eastbound collector distributor road for eastbound K-10 and southbound I-435 traffic to northbound and southbound I-35 has been completed and will open to traffic beginning at 5 a.m. on Friday, October 23, weather permitting. The new eastbound I-435 to Lackman Road ramp will also open to traffic.

> > > Here’s what this means for drivers, you will need to make your exit decision sooner dependent on where you are heading. See video below.

• Eastbound K-10 exit to I-35 is now before Renner Boulevard.
• Eastbound K-10 to Lackman Road exit is now about 1/2-mile before Lackman Road.
• Southbound I-435 to I-35 and Lackman Road access is now just south of 95th Street before the curve to eastbound I-435.

In preparation for Friday morning’s opening, the following overnight ramp I-435 & I-35 interchange ramp closures will take place for temporary barrier and asphalt work.

EXPECT DELAYS! WEEKDAY OVERNIGHT RAMP CLOSURES: Eastbound I-435 to northbound and southbound I-35 ramps will be CLOSED for the traffic switch to the new eastbound collector-distributor (C-D) road system beginning at 10 p.m. on Thursday, October 22 and will reopen to traffic at 5 a.m. on Friday, October 23, weather permitting. Message boards will direct traffic to detour via eastbound I-435 to Quivira Road back on westbound I-435 to access northbound and southbound I-35.


There have been numerous traffic shifts this year as the focus of construction on the ‪#‎jocogateway project has been expanding and improving the eastbound traffic flow from K-10 to I-435. The collector-distributor road (C-D road) system currently under construction will help reduce weaving and improve safety by separating through-traffic on eastbound K-10 and I-435 from drivers wanting to access I-35 or exit to local roads. The new road configuration will change decision points for drivers, thus it is important for drivers to follow all posted signs.
View the latest video (left photo above) showing the construction of the eastbound C-D road system that runs parallel to I-435. The New C-D road is scheduled to open next Friday, October 23, weather permitting. The C-D road under construction YouTube video is available online at:
A traffic simulation video (right photo above) that shows drivers how they will navigate through the new collector-distributor road and the new decision points is also available online at:

Updated daily traffic information for the #jocogateway interchange project can be viewed at and for the entire Kansas City Metro Area at

The Kansas Department of Transportation urges all motorists to be alert, obey the warning signs, and “Give ‘Em a Brake!” when approaching and driving through the project work zone.

The overall #jocogateway project is scheduled to be completed in late December 2016. (KDOT Project #435-46 KA-1002-06)

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