Johnson County Gateway | Adjoining Projects


project components map

Gateway Yellow Project (Phase 1) – COMPLETE: The Yellow Project added two auxiliary lanes in each direction along I-35 from 119th Street to I-435. These additional lanes will reduce the back-up of traffic on the existing westbound I-435 to southbound I-35 flyover ramp and the complimentary movement of northbound I-35 to eastbound I-435. It also addresses the heavy southbound and northbound I-35 traffic between 119th Street and I-435. The two miles of improvements will provide immediate congestion relief and allow cars to merge more safely and traffic to flow through the area more efficiently. The construction cost totaled $11 million and it was substantially complete by December 2012.

I-435 and US-69 Red Project – The Red Project will add auxiliary lanes to I-435 between I-35 and Quivira Road. This will help address the congestion of traffic merging from northbound I-35 onto eastbound I-435. It will also help address heavy westbound I-435 traffic between Quivira Road and I-35. This project started in 2011 and will be complete by November 2013. The Phase 2 design-build project will be coordinated with these improvements.

K-10 and Ridgeview Road Interchange – This interchange will be reconfigured as a diverging diamond interchange to address the heavy left turn needs at this interchange and plans are nearing completion. This project may be done as part of the design build project.

95th Street and I-35 Interchange – The city of Lenexa is proposing interchange improvements at the 95th Street and I-35 interchange. A concept study is underway with plans complete by the end of 2013. The Phase 2 design-build project will be coordinated with these improvements.