JoCo Gateway Project Schedule – Johnson County Gateway | I-435, I-35, K-10

Completed Project as of December 2016

Phase 2 improvements included reconstruction and capacity improvements within the project area along I-435 from U.S. 69 to 95th Street; K-10 and Ridgeview Road to I-435; and I-35 from 95th Street to south of I-435.  Phase 3 improvements to the Johnson County Gateway are currently not funded or scheduled for construction.

Completed Project as of December 2016 - JoCo Gateway

Construction Status 2016

The map below shows the status of work as of August 18, 2016.  Several areas, or segments have been completed.  There is still work to complete before the end of 2016, when the project will be substantially complete.

Map -_CurrentProjectWorkUnderway_2016-08-18

The map below shows the status of work for 2016.  Several areas, or segments of the project have been completed thus far.  There is still lots of work to be done in 2016.

Project Status as of November 2015

Project Status as of November 2015

Construction Schedule 2015


Construction Schedule PDF


Status of Construction Started in 2014

College Boulevard Widening. COMPLETED!!

Phase Scope: College Boulevard between Ridgeview Road and Renner Boulevard has been widened to four lanes.

Traffic Impacts: There were short-term daily lane closures on College Boulevard and adjacent intersection as widening work progressed.

Completion Date: College Boulevard opened to four-lanes of traffic on April 14, 2015.  There will be additional off-peak lane closures to finish intersection, median and signage work through the end of April. All work completed by July 1, 2015.

Benefit: Improves College Boulevard to a continuous four-lane road as this road serves as a major thoroughfare for the region and the one-mile section between Ridgeview Road and Renner Boulevard is one of the last remaining portions to be improved.

K-10 & Ridgeview Road Diverging Diamond Interchange.  COMPLETED!!

Phase Scope: The existing K-10 and Ridgeview Road diamond interchange has been upgraded to a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). The existing bridge structure was widened to accommodate the new DDI without the interchange being shut down for any long-periods of time.

Traffic Impacts: There were short-term daytime and overnight closures at the interchange.

Completion Date: The DDI was completed in July 2015.

Benefit: Improves safety and efficiency with the upgraded diverging diamond style interchange.

Eastbound and Westbound-I-435 Reconstruction East of I-35.  Complete/In Progress.

Phase Scope: This work includes widening eastbound and westbound I-435 to four lanes in each direction along with the replacement of the existing pavement, and the addition of auxiliary lanes from U.S. 69 to the K-10 split. These improvements continue the westerly progression of widening of I-435 from the east.

Traffic Impacts: Construction work in this area is being done while maintaining three through lanes of traffic in order to minimize traveler inconvenience. There will continue to be daily lane closures and varying traffic shifts into 2015.

Completion Date: Reconstruction work on westbound I-435 has been ongoing since early summer 2014 and was completed in late 2015. During 2015, widening work shifted to the eastbound I-435 lanes. Completion for this phase of work has shifted to 2016.

Benefit: Improved safety (new pavement) and efficiency (improved travel times/decreased congestion) on this stretch of I-435.

Eastbound I-435 between Renner Boulevard and Lackman Road. COMPLETED!!

Phase Scope: Work here includes clearing and grading in this area for a new detention basin and preparing the area for construction work on the new eastbound I-435 collector-distributor road.

Traffic Impacts: There will continue to be short-term daytime lane closures in the interchange, but much of the work is off alignment.

Completion Date: Work in this area will continue through 2015. In mid- 2015 the work to put the pavement down for the collector distributor road will begin.

Benefit: Improved safety by creating the collector-distributor road, which will reduce the weaving for people traveling through on I-435 or exiting on K-10 or Lackman Road.

Eastbound K-10 to Northbound I-435 Interchange Area. COMPLETED!!

Phase Scope: A new two-lane flyover bridge has been constructed  to connect eastbound K-10 to northbound I-435. By shifting the flyover bridge to the west, it allows for additional improvements to be made for the other I-435 and I-35 movements.

Traffic Impacts: There were short-term daytime lane closures in the interchange.  There will also be overnight closures associated with the demolition and removal of the ‘old’ flyover ramp.

Completion Date: The new two-lane flyovers for the EB K-10 to NB I-435 was anticipated to be complete and open to traffic in the summer of 2015.  It opened to traffic on July 30, 2015!

Benefit: The one-lane flyover bridges need to be replaced with two-lane flyovers to handle the additional traffic in order to reduce congestion and improve safety.

Construction Work Started in 2015

K-10 and Renner Boulevard. COMPLETED!!

Scope:  Several phases of work are planned in this area to improve the interchange.  The first step started January 20 with a 60-day closure of the southbound right lane of Renner Boulevard to relocate the large water main and begin construction on the bridge piers. Additional closures to Renner Boulevard and access to K-10 followed this initial closure.

Traffic Impacts:  Mid-April 2015 through mid-summer 2015–Renner Boulevard was closed in both directions south of K-10. The entrance and exit ramps for K-10 eastbound were closed.  The entrance and exit ramps for K-10 westbound were open, but will only be accessible from Renner Boulevard north of K-10.  Marked detour routes were provided.  Please note, Ridgeview Road was still  under construction  during a portion of the work, but will remain open to traffic.  Motorists were able to access businesses along Renner Boulevard during this closure.

Mid-summer through early fall 2015–Renner Boulevard was closed in both directions at K-10. All ramps for K-10 at Renner Boulevard were closed.  Detour routes providing access to businesses on Renner will remain from I-435 through the Lackman Road interchange and from K-10 through the Ridgeview interchange and from 95th Street and I-435.  Motorists were able to access businesses along Renner Boulevard during this time.

Completion date:  In September,  the Renner Boulevard and K-10 interchange construction was completed and fully open to traffic.

Benefit:  Improved Renner Boulevard with more efficient access to K-10.

Pflumm Road at I-35 Bridge. COMPLETED!!

Scope: Pflumm Road at I-35 closed in the late spring/early summer months to move utilities.  Pflumm road was reconstructed and  the I-35 bridge over Pflumm was widened.  Lenexa Drive, southeast of Pflumm Road closed a month in the summer during the I-35 widening in the area.  Pflumm Road reopened in late October 2015 and Lenexa Drive reopened in early November 2015.

Traffic Impacts: Pflumm Road under I-35 will be closed for up to five months.  A detour will be in place via 103rd Street, Quivira Road and 95th Street.

Benefit:  The Pflumm Road bridge must be widened to accommodate the additional lane on northbound I-35.

Northbound I-35 Widening. COMPLETED!

Scope: Construction work will begin to add an additional lane to northbound I-35 from I-435 to 95th Street.

Traffic Impacts:  Traffic will be shifted using a split lane, or dedicated through lane on the southbound lanes.  This will allow four-through lanes to be used on I-35 during construction.

Completion date:  Work to widen northbound I-35 will continue throughout 2015.  Generally, the widening was complete in November of 2015, but there will be finishing work with the 95th Street and I-435 interchange project completion.

Benefit:  An additional lane on northbound I-35 continues the progression of adding capacity on I-35.

I-35 and I-435 New Two-Lane Flyover Ramps.  COMPLETED!

Scope: Construction crews completed  the flyover ramp bridge in the spring of 2016.

Traffic Impacts: This work will require overnight or weekend closures of I-435 and I-35. There were several weekend and overnight closures to facilitate the work on the flyover bridge ramps during 2015 and 2016.  Both flyover ramps are open to traffic.

Completion date: The new flyover bridge ramps opened to traffic in  2016.  In the fall of 2016, both lanes of traffic will be opened on the flyover ramps once the traffic tie-ins are completed.

Benefits: The one-lane flyover bridges need to be replaced with two-lane flyovers to handle the additional traffic in order to reduce congestion and improve safety.

Project Schedule

Here’s a quick glance at the events leading up to and including construction of the Johnson County Gateway Phase 2 Project:

Project Schedule PDF

Concept Study:

Mid-2008 – Mid-2011

Preliminary Design:

Mid-2011 – Mid-2012

Develop Design-Build Contract:

Mid-2012 – Mid-2013

Select Design-Build Team:

Mid-2013 – Mid-2014

Final Design & Construction:

Mid-2014 – Mid-2017